GTA ONLINE 1.48 Phantom 2D/3D Radar, Aimbot —


  — God Mode(Auto heal or Static)
  — Never/Always wanted lvl
  — Rainbow Crosshair
  — No Ragdol
  — Invisibility
  — No Gravity(Works good with fly hack)
  — Pickups/Vehicles/Objects/Illigal Objects Esp
Online Players:
  — Teleport to
  — Remote spawn RPG/Sniper shoots on target
  — Freeze target
  — No Recoil
  — No Spread
  — Fast Reload multiplyer
  — Rapide Fire and Fireinterval
  — Give all weapons
  — Give selected weapons
  — Vehicle Impulse(Boost your vehicle according to your currect Speed)
  — God Mode
  — Show Last used Vehicle(ESP)
  — Teleport near to saved Position
  — Max Distance
  — Toggle(On or OnHotkey)
  — Bone(Head/Neck/Stomach)
  — Prediction according to your localplayer and target speed
  — Ignore vehicles
  — Instant kill peds(Only works for NPCs) 
  — Vehicle support
  — Silent aimbot
3D Radar:
  — Name/Distance/Weapon ESP
  — Barrel(Aim lazer in direction of target)
  — Box 2D/3D/Fill box
  — Skeleton
  — Head Dot
  — Health bar
  — Wanted Lvl
  — Player state(Walking or Inside Vehicle)
2D Radar:
  — Health bar
  — Size/Zoom
  — Background
  — Centering
  — Fly Hack
  — No Clip
  — Use Raycasting(Visible checks for the 3D and 2D Radar)
  — Draw Waypoint(3D)
  — Stress Lobby(Type1: Freeze everyone, Type2: Type1 and kill loop)
  — Mouse controled GUI.
  — Save/Load Settings.
  — Customizable hotkeys

— [+]Button for Unhook, Panic.
— [+]Size for the 2D box ESP.
— [+]Aimbot color to nearest target of crosshair.
— [+]Crashes for most people should be fixed by now(Not all CPU’s support AVX for example).
— [+]Options can now be changed faster using the mouse wheel.
— [+]Added an console which exactly shows you the status of what the cheat is doing behind.
— [+]Fly hack, No Clip, Rapide Fire is now using the accuracy of the cam rotation.
— [+]Remove all weapons button.
— [+]Remove weapon in hand button.
— [+]The RayCasting now has more options(Map, Objects, Both, Everything).
— [+]Aimbot prediction is more accurate especially the z postion of the selected traget of movement and it is more sensitive to changes.

Инжектируем файл GTA5 — Phantom v1.5.dll через Extrime Injector

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