Red Dead Redemption 2 Device’s Mod Menu —

-Fixed menu controls not working for some people.
-Added option to freeze spawned models.
-Fixed teleporting with vehicles/horses
-Improved some other stuff i don’t remember anymore.

-Updated for newest game version.

-Updated for newest game version.
-Fixed Detection.

-Fixed so infinite stamina fills core
-Semi-godmode now fills health core
-Added infinite deadeye
-Added treasure chest spawning, u can loot one chest 50times I’ve been told that if you loot more than 25 gold bars a day you get banned. USE AT OWN RISK

Player: God Mode, Semi-Godmode, Runspeed Multiplier, Super Jump, Invisible, Never Wanted, Infinite Stamina, Teleport to Waypoint, Triggerbot, No Clip, Disable Ragdoll, Model Changer, Name Changer, Ignored by NPC’s.
Weapon: Infinite Ammo
Horse: God Mode, Infinite Stamina, Invisibility.
Spawner: Spawn Vehicle, Spawn Object, Spawn Ped, Spawn Dead Ped, Spawn Pickup, Delete Spawned models.
ESP: Name, Distance, Box, Health.
Playerlist: Spawn Vehicle/Object/Ped/Dead Ped on player

Как пользоваться:
Запускаем игру
Заходим в режим онлайн в игре
Запускаем инжектор и инжектируем чит (если не работает помещаем файл rdr2_cheat_.dll в папку с игрой и инжектируем)
Активировать чит  в игре клавишей INSERT



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